At Nichols and Holder, we specialize in guiding families through the legal process of adoption, foster care and other family law matters.  Regardless whether you are adopting privately, through an agency, or working with DHS.  We are a family-friendly environment and love the rewarding experience of assisting clients in reaching their goals.  By adopting or fostering a child, you are extending your family and help another individual in need.  What could be more rewarding?

However, not all matters of family law deal with with adoption and foster care.  For some that mean the separation of a family that is now unfortunately, having to deal with divorce, guardianship, child support or in some cases bankruptcy.

What other areas of family law services do we provide?

  • Adoption
  • Guardianship
  • Child Support
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Employment Law

Adoption & Foster Care

AdoptionWith adoption, you are voluntarily taking a child by choice into a relationship, as your own child.  On the other hand, foster care is a temporary situation where a minor lives with and is care for by people that are not their own.  At Nichols and Holder, we can offer experience and guidance all through the adoption process.  However, these are the key areas where you will need an attorney.

  • Legal filing
  • Home studies
  • Background check
  • Child Placement


Guardianship is a legal proceeding in which the court can appoint a person to take care of another person and/or their property.  The person who is appointed by the court is called a guardian.  The person for whom the guardian is appointed is called a ward.  This could be a minor or adult.

With regards to a child, the ability to provide a stable and dependable environment for children is paramount when a parent, for whatever reason, cannot raise their child. Maybe a child’s parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Maybe the circumstances involve mental illness, abuse or financial distress.

Child Support

Family law issues, including custody, visitation and child support disputes, are generally resolved most successfully and inexpensively if the parties can reach an agreement to present to the court for approval. However, these highly emotional issues will affect your long-term financial security. As your lawyer, I will be prepared to go to court if necessary to see you receive a fair child support order.


At Nichols and Holder, we value the family and divorce itself can be a very stressful time for everyone involved.  Divorce is more than just an event that happens in courtrooms. To The vast majority of divorces are settled via inter-party negotiations, or mediation out of court. At Nichols and Holder, we would represent you in a professional manner in all discussions and court proceedings.


Overwhelmed with debt?  Let us help you file for bankruptcy relief under the appropriate bankruptcy code.

Employment Law

We understand the deep implications of disputes for workers and employers alike, and we will work to ensure that our solutions are in line with their goals. From negotiation to litigation, our attorneys provide hands-on, personalized guidance each step of the legal process.